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Insurance Backed Guarantee

An Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) is an insurance policy issued to the customer that covers the original guarantee provided by the member. It comes into effect if you make a claim on the members guarantee and the member is no longer trading and therefore not in a position to honour the guarantee.

Every consumer using a MAPS member receives an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Why do you need an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)?

Upon completion of the contract/order a member will provide you with a Guarantee which can be up to 10 years and during that time much can happen to any business, regardless of whether they are a local or national company. An IBG provides you with additional peace of mind that in the unlikely event the member ceases to trade, for whatever reason, you can still make a claim under the terms of the original guarantee.

When will you receive an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

Once your contract/order has been completed, the MAPS member will inform MAPS of the completion date and within 5 working days we will send your:

  • Insurance Backed Guarantee Certificate – this will protect you for the term of your guarantee (maximum up to 10 years) and allows you to make a claim on the original guarantee if the member ceases to trade.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey – we monitor consumer satisfaction to ensure all our members maintain the high standards we expect and the feedback we receive from customers is very important to us.

If you have any questions or your documentation hasn’t arrived within 5 working days of the completion of your contract then please call us on 0333 323 9688.

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